Hyderabad: Welcoming Andhra Pradesh’s new liquor policy, International Spirits & Wines Association of India (ISWAI) on Monday urged the state government to allow Indian-made foreign liquor brands to be sold in the state.
ISWAI CEO Nita Kapoor pointed out that such a move will not only boost tourism but also contribute to state revenues. Andhra Pradesh government recently switched liquor policy from prohibition to restriction.
Suresh Menon, secretary-general, ISWAI said, “The state government should not discriminate between the new local brands and the historically popular national brands, most of which are also produced locally within the state. This curtailment of consumer preferences will only promote illegal movement of products and encourage spurious and counterfeit liquor that will ultimately harm the consumers, besides impacting state revenues.”

Kapoor rooted for ‘responsible alcohol consumption’ campaign to promote tourism in the state.